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We're looking for more good people to join our whānau and help us achieve and deliver our mahi - Kotahi anō te kaupapa: ko te oranga o te iwi There is only one purpose to our work: the wellness and well-being of people.

The world of Corrections is largely hidden away and most people haven't considered what it might take to become an officer.  It's a hugely diverse, rewarding and challenging mahi and we'd love to invite you to discover if you can help make lives better and keep everyday New Zealanders safe.


Working as a Corrections Officer

As a Corrections Officer, every day is an opportunity to motivate and create change through your day-to-day interaction with prisoners.

Corrections Officers supervise the daily routines of people in their unit or area, playing an important role in supporting their wellbeing, as well as contributing to the safety and security of the prison. They induct people into their unit, help them to navigate prison life, and monitor the prison environment. They are also responsible for escorting prisoners to work training, education programmes, the health centre and outside prison to court, health services or on day release as required.

By being great prosocial role models, they can change the lives of offenders and ultimately, their families/whānau and the community.

Working inside

Life inside the wire is varied and diverse.  Depending on the prison you're in, the unit you work on, the people around you, and the career path you pursue.

Diverse environments

Our Corrections Officers work across a diverse range of settings, with different specialist units, security levels and site-specific activities all creating different day-to-day experiences. Some work in specific focus units such as our drug and alcohol treatment units, youth units, Pasifika units, Māori and Tikanga focused units, Mothers and Babies units and Special Treatment units.

Career development

After your initial training, there are opportunities to progress up through the ranks into more senior or specialised roles. Some of our team take on prison negotiator or tactical instructor roles, move into Senior or Principal Corrections Officer positions, across to different sites and units, or join our National or Regional Offices – given the scale of our organisation, there’s constantly new opportunities to aim for.

Strong team

Working as a Corrections Officer is a team-based role. Our Corrections Officers work in pairs, so you’ll always have another person with you on the job, as well as the support and guidance of your wider custodial team. Outside of the custodial team, you’re supported by other teams including instructors, case managers, nurses, programme facilitators, and psychologists.

Safety matters

Our Correction Officers are never alone, and there is backup, training and equipment readily available for when they need it. From detection dogs to emergency response, negotiators to tactical operations – each situation that needs extra support has resource available and a career development opportunity. There are layers and teams that work quietly behind the scenes to make sure safety and security is a priority.

Does this sound like you?

Skills we look for

• Good at communicating with a range of people
• Positive role models and are motivated by helping others
• Personal leadership skills
• Critical thinkers
• High integrity and able to work well under pressure
• Team player, dependable and honest
• Observant, alert and accurate

What's on offer

• Rostered rotating shifts including nights, weekends & public holidays
• Starting salary $59,519, increasing as you achieve National Qualifications Level 3 ($64,197) and Level 4 ($69,363).
• Five weeks' holiday annually
• Initial learning pathway – One week Ara Tika (induction in Upper Hutt), then 10 weeks Corrections Officer Development Pathway (requires some time away in Upper Hutt).

We're also recruiting

There are lots of other careers inside Ara Poutama.  Here are just a few that we're currently recruiting.


Work with our nēhi (nursing) whānau and be a part of our holistic vision for healthcare, to help rehabilitate our most vulnerable in an environment that looks out for and cares for each other.

Probation Officers

Work with offenders to make sure they are meeting the requirements of their sentence and have the support they need to do so.


Working in an interdisciplinary team of health practitioners, we provide a range of health and wellbeing screening, assessments and treatments from the time offenders are received into prison and into the community.

Still thinking it over?

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