Rārangi whakamua

Working on the frontline at Corrections means working face to face with people who have offended. Whether in a prison or in the community, you will be aiming to engage and positively motivate people.

Frontline team

Skills we look for

Here are some of the key skills and attributes that we look for in our whānau.

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Good communicator and able to relate to diverse groups of people
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Positive role model and able to motivate others
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High integrity and can work under pressure
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Critical thinker with high resilience
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Dependable, honest, and a team player
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We're hiring

Here are some of the vacancies we're recruiting for:

Corrections Officer
Probation Officer

Why a career on the Frontline?

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A great day for me is when an offender comes back into the unit buzzing because they've passed a course. Their thanks to me for encouraging them makes me proud.

Moses - Corrections Officer
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Careers with this team

Corrections Officers

Ensure the safe, secure and humane containment of offenders and actively motivate them to make positive changes in their lives.

Probation Officers

Work with offenders to make sure they are meeting the requirements of their sentence and have the support they need to do so.

Case Management

Work with offenders to develop plans and ensure access to the treatments and programmes they need at the right level, at the right time.

Education & Instructors

Work with offenders to help them to gain new skills and qualifications to improve their chances of finding real jobs when they’re released.

Programme Facilitation

Run therapeutic programmes to help offenders understand the factors that led to their offending, take responsibility and motivate the change of their thoughts and behaviours.

Community Work Supervisors

Supervise offenders assigned to community work group placements to manage work projects.

Senior Community Work Supervisor

Supporting and mentor Community Work Supervisors and in-the-moment decision making. Lead the assessment of community projects as well as developing and maintaining relationships.

Electronic Monitoring

Support the management of electronically monitored offenders and defendants who are in the community around Aotearoa.

How we hire