Corrections Officer

Āpiha Whare Herehere

Corrections officers (Āpiha Whare Herehere) spend much of their time working in their unit with offenders and can have a huge impact on influencing change through their day to day interaction.

Working rostered shifts (across a 24/7 pattern including weekends and public holidays), corrections officers work in a variety of areas within the prison and carry out the daily routines relevant to the unit they are in.  They lock and unlock offenders, escort them to work training, education programmes, the health centre and outside the prison to court.

By being great role models and looking for opportunities to engage in a positive way, correction officers have the opportunity to change the lives of offenders and their families.

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Correction Officers
What you'll do

Corrections officers may do some or all of the following:

  • supervise prisoners' daily routine, which includes meal, work and recreation times
  • monitor, assess and manage the behaviour and safety
  • patrol prison buildings and grounds
  • ensure physical and mental safety
  • set up and monitor prisoners' sentence plans
  • monitor prison visits and record visitors' details
  • motivate prisoners to make changes to their behaviour
  • help control and lessen conflict in the prison
  • take part in rehabilitation programmes
  • prepare reports relating to prisoners and any incidents that occur
  • escort prisoners to court hearings, funerals or appointments with dentists or doctors.


Skills we look for

 We are looking for people who:

  • are good at communicating with a range of people, including offenders and their whānau
  • are positive roles models & interested in helping others
  • have personal leadership skills
  • are critical thinkers
  • have high integrity and are able to work well under pressure
  • are team players, dependable and honest
  • are observant, alert and accurate.

Āpiha Whare Herehere come from a wide variety of backgrounds; from trades and farming to office jobs, retail, teaching and social agencies – so your experience could be just what we are looking for!

What we can offer
  • Rostered rotating shifts including nights, weekends & public holidays
  • Starting salary $59,519 during training increasing to $64,197 upon graduating. You can then earn up $69,363 before progressing to senior and principal officer roles ($74,803 - $88,397)
  • Five weeks' holiday annually
  • Initial learning pathway – One week Ara Tika (induction in Upper Hutt), then 10 weeks Corrections Officer Development Pathway (requires some time away in Upper Hutt).
  • Career progression and development opportunities
What you need
  • No specific experience or qualification is required
  • Right to work in New Zealand or a work visa with at least 24 months remaining
  • Full New Zealand Driver Licence
  • Declare any conflicts of interest and previous convictions.  Exempt from Clean Slate and all conviction history is released
  • Ability to pass a drug test
  • Medically fit for employment and be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You would be required to complete a Medical Assessment, and pass a Physical Readiness Assessment.

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