Māori Pathways

There’s big changes in the Department of Corrections aimed at lowering the proportion of Māori in the system. Come and help us make a difference for Māori in the corrections system.


We have to do our job differently to make a positive difference to Māori and their whānau.  Our Hōkai Rangi strategy outlines our new direction.  The Māori Pathways programme encompasses a new way of working to support that change using kaupapa Māori and whānau-centred approaches.

Hawke's Bay is one of two key locations for Māori Pathways and has started recruiting for staff keen to be part of the Māori Pathways programme.

We're currently looking for includes people who can:

  • apply or be willing to learn how to apply a te ao Māori lens in your practice and approach
  • build meaningful and genuine relationships with tāne and their whānau
  • understand the importance of our Values, and socialise and advocate the Māori Pathways approach in your role
  • support the development of Whānau Manaaki Plans that are tāne and whānau centred
  • lead out on culturally responsive ways of working with tāne and their whānau
  • identify opportunities to enhance whānau and whakapapa connections

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Principal Advisor – Practice Lead (Cultural)

The Māori Pathways programme provides for a new way of working, and that will mean the upskilling of our staff to work differently from how we have operated in the past. You will be able to articulate how the new practices are working to help inform wider change.

Change Manager Community - Māori Pathways

Lead sustainable change to the way we work in community services. You’ll use a te ao Māori lens to help shape change journey. You will need to be able to build trust with colleagues and help them grow the confidence and understanding needed to implement the Māori Pathway in Hawke's Bay.

Administrator - Māori Pathways

Make a positive difference for Māori in the corrections system and their whānau. Use your flexibility to provide us with administrative support we need to capture progress and outcomes to inform wider change.

Case Manager - Māori Pathways

Tautoko tāne and their whānau to develop and pursue their own goals, aspirations and rangatiratanga with a whānau centred approach. From a te ao Māori lens, you'll work to facilitate and participate in whānau hui, support te pae oranga / restorative practices, connect Kaiarataki and professionals with tāne throughout their journey.

Principal Adviser Case Management - Māori Pathways

Work with tāne and their whānau to identify their rehabilitation and reintegration needs as they help them bring about positive changes in their lives. You’ll help develop and implement ways to bring kaupapa Māori and te ao Māori worldview into our business as usual.

Principal Adviser Custody - Māori Pathways

Work with officers and pou ārahi to develop and implement kaupapa Māori and te ao Māori worldview into their mahi every day. You’ll provide leadership and cultural support to our custodial team and help them in ways to place tāne and their whānau needs at the centre of good practice.

Principal Adviser Probation - Māori Pathways

Provide kaupapa Māori expertise, professional leadership and management of probation officers. You will coach and mentor probation officers so they are comfortable working in a te ao Māori worldview way that places tāne and whānau at the centre of practice.

Probation Officer - Māori Pathways

Work with tāne to provide guidance from a Te Ao Māori lens to best support their community based sentences and to reduce re-offending. Your focus will be to nurture connections to whānau, Kaiarataki and community supports for both tāne and whānau to advance their own goals and aspirations with a whānau centred approach.

Project Coordinator - Māori Pathways

Support the Māori Pathways Manager, the Hawke's Bay Regional Prison Director and the East Coast District Manager to implement the Māori Pathway in Hawke's Bay.

Project Manager - Māori Pathways

Lead change and deliver results by engaging with senior stakeholders. We are looking for someone who has a deep understanding of project management disciplines, yet can be flexible and pragmatic in their approach and application when needed.

Pou Ārahi - Māori Pathways

Provide manaaki and guidance to help tāne reconnect to their culture and whakapapa, and to restore their whānau connections. Use your cultural skillset to facilitate and kaupapa Māori wānanga to motivate tāne and their whānau to participate in programmes.

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We know that there are many people around the motu who have the skills and experience and are passionate about this kaupapa.  Nau mai, haere mai.


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