Māori Pathways

Come and help us make a difference for Māori in the corrections system


There’s big changes in the Department of Corrections aimed at lowering the proportion of Māori in the system.

“We have to do our job differently to make a positive difference to Māori and their whānau,” says Deputy Chief Executive Māori Topia Rameka.

“Our Hōkai Rangi strategy outlines our new direction.  The Māori Pathways programme encompasses a new way of working to support that change using kaupapa Māori and whānau-centred approaches.

“We’ve been working with iwi, hapū and whānau Māori to design this in a way that will work, and now we’re looking for the right staff to put this into action,” Topia says

Hawkes Bay is one of two key locations for Māori Pathways and has started recruiting for frontline staff keen to be part of the Māori Pathways programme.

“We want to attract staff that are keen to  explore with us how we can work better with tāne Māori and their whānau,” says Hawkes Bay Māori Pathways Manager Tatiana Greening.

“We have started to recruit for 23 new staff to join our team both at Hawkes Bay Regional Prison and in the community.  There are a range of different jobs, but within them we are looking for people with a particular skillset and drive,” Tatiana says.

That includes people who can:

  • apply or be willing to learn how to apply a te ao Māori lens in your practice and approach
  • build meaningful and genuine relationships with tāne and their whānau
  • value our Values, and socialise and advocate the Māori Pathways approach in your role
  • support the development of Whānau Manaaki Plans that are tāne and whānau centred
  • lead out on culturally responsive ways of working with tāne and their whānau
  • identify opportunities to enhance whānau and whakapapa connections

“We know that there are many people around the motu who have the skills and experience and are passionate about this kaupapa.  Nau mai, haere mai.”


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