27 September 2022

Senior IT Project Manager - Clare Little

Clare Little joined Ara Poutama Aotearoa after a career in defence and utilities, looking for a new professional challenge.

“I liked the idea of working in a department where I could see a clear link between my work and the direct impact it could have people on the frontline. I could tell the managers who interviewed me were good people and really passionate about their work, which was a big plus for me.”

In her role as Senior IT Project manager, Clare is responsible for managing projects throughout the project lifecycle.

“This includes writing investment cases, project delivery, vendor, financial, stakeholder, risk management… All the good project stuff!

I’ve been working on super interesting projects, such as a mobile app for Corrections Officers, a portable phone for prisoners to use in their cells, and In-Cell Technology which is a pilot for individual issued Chromebooks for the women at Christchurch Women's Prison to access approved websites for learning, rehabilitation and wellbeing.”

Clare says that she loves working in an innovative team that is developing new technology and capabilities, with opportunities to make a difference for people within the prison environment.

“I'm inspired by our clever architects who design and problem solve complex technical challenges, and our business team who are committed to designing processes, policies and guidance to ensure what we are developing can be well adopted by our users.

I'm really passionate about delivering technology that adds value to our frontline. I think prisons are some of the most challenging environments in the country both for our staff and the people we manage. There's so much opportunity for us to improve this environment with innovative technology solutions.”

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