Corrections Officer

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Corrections officers (Āpiha Whare Herehere) spend much of their time working in their unit with offenders and can have a huge impact on influencing change through their day to day interaction.

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The role

As a Corrections Officer, every day is an opportunity to motivate and create change through day-to-day interaction with prisoners and their whānau. Working rostered shifts, Corrections Officers work in a variety of areas within the prison and carry out the daily routines relevant to the unit they are in. Part of your day will include escorting prisoners to work training, education programmes, the health centre and outside the prison to court. Being a Corrections Officer is all about looking for opportunities to engage in a positive way, this is where you have the opportunity to improve the oranga of prisoners’ while they are in our care.

What we look for

- Good communicator and able to relate to diverse groups of people
- Positive role model and able to motivate others
- High integrity and can work under pressure
- Critical thinker with high resilience
- Dependable, honest, and a team player

Opportunities for growth

After your initial training, there are opportunities to progress up through the ranks into more senior or specialised roles. Given the scale of our organisation, there's also ample ability to move into service development projects at our regional or national offices to shape our mahi.

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