Kaitirotiro Mahi Hapori Pāhake

Senior Community Work Supervisor

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Lead and deliver meaningful community projects

As well as supervising people on a community work sentence, our Senior Community Work Supervisors (Kaitirotiro Mahi Hapori Pāhake) lead the assessment of community work projects, mentor community work supervisors and help find new projects in the community.

Projects are diverse - on any given day, Senior Community Work Supervisors could be at churches, marae, schools, or anywhere that the community needs. 

The role

Make a difference in your community

Senior Community Work Supervisors, along with Community Work Supervisors, oversee and manage people undertaking their community work sentence. They work with people from the time they are inducted into their community work sentence and provide support to engage them in completing their hours.

Lead and mentor

Alongside supporting and managing people on a community work sentence, Senior Community Work Supervisors provide project oversight and mentor Community Work Supervisors.

Build community connections

Senior Community Work Supervisors find new project opportunities in the community and manage key relationships with partners.

What you need to know

Time off

4 weeks annual leave, increasing to 5 weeks after completing six years continuous service


Salary between $67,182 - $73,828

Hours of work

40 hour working week, Monday - Friday or Tuesday - Saturday


Induction in Upper Hutt, then on the job training

Skills and experience

Good relationship management skills and ability to mentor others
Able to deal with immediate safety risks
Full New Zealand Driver Licence and able to drive a manual vehicle


Working across the community on a range of local projects

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