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Current vacancies

Job Reference

Job Name


Closing Date

CSNOBP6787.23 Corrections Officers - Mt Eden Corrections Facility Auckland Ongoing
CSNOBP7771.12 Corrections Officers - Auckland Prison (Albany) Auckland Ongoing
CORR-048 Asset Maintenance Painting Instructor  Canterbury 17-Nov-19
CSNOBP9421.4 Case Manager - Whanganui Prison Whanganui 17-Nov-19
CORR-018 Casual Community Work Supervisor Wellington 17-Nov-19
CORR-003 Cloud Capacity Adviser Wellington 17-Nov-19
CORR-022 Community Work Supervisor - Manukau Auckland 17-Nov-19
CORR-001 Dev Ops Engineers Wellington 17-Nov-19
CORR-033 Horticulture Instructor - Canterbury Christchurch 17-Nov-19
CORR-002 M365 Engineer Wellington 17-Nov-19
CSNOBP9214.4 Probation Officer Gisborne 17-Nov-19
CORR-041 Senior Adviser (Registered Psychologist) - Psychology and Programmes Wellington 17-Nov-19
CSCR12000 Registered Nurse - Spring Hill Corrections Facility Waikato 17-Nov-19
CSNOBP8455.11 Probation Officer - Waikato Waikato 18-Nov-19
CORR-063 Registered Nurse - Part Time Invercargill 18-Nov-19
CORR-068 Administration Officer - Hamilton Waikato 19-Nov-19
CSCR12003  Community Work Supervisor Te Puke 19-Nov-19
CORR-036 Recruitment Adviser - National Office Wellington 19-Nov-19
CORR-058 Programme Facilitators - Northern Region Auckland 19-Nov-19
CORR-053 Administration Support Officer - Health Waikato 20-Nov-19
CORR-073 Administration Support Officer - Property Waikato 20-Nov-19
CORR-085 Investment Management Lead Wellington 20-Nov-19
CORR-042 Programme Facilitators - Hamilton Waikato 20-Nov-19
CORR-043 Programme Facilitators - Rotorua / Taupo / Tokoroa Waikato 20-Nov-19
CORR-051 Service Manager Waikato 20-Nov-19
CORR-091 Administration Support Officer - Whanganui Prison Whanganui 21-Nov-19
CSNOBP7119.21 Corrections Officers - Canterbury Canterbury 21-Nov-19
CORR-054 Casual Supervisor - Tai Aroha Special Treatment Unit Waikato 24-Nov-19
CSSR11874 Community Work Supervisor Gore 24-Nov-19
CSNOBP12008 Corrections Officers – Auckland Region Women’s Corrections Facility Auckland 24-Nov-19
CORR-007 Corrections Officers – Northland Region Corrections Facility Kaikohe 24-Nov-19
CORR-067 Case Manager Wellington 24-Nov-19
CORR-069 Executive Officer - Rimutaka Prison Wellington 24-Nov-19
CSNR12004 Health Centre Manager - Auckland Region Women’s Correctional Facility Auckland 24-Nov-19
CORR-071 Principal Adviser - Education and Training Wellington 24-Nov-19
CORR-031 Probation Officer Kaitaia 24-Nov-19
CSLNR11989 Programme Facilitator - Palmerston North Wairarapa/Manawatu 24-Nov-19
CORR-088 Supervisor - Tai Aroha Waikato 24-Nov-19
CORR-055 System & Team Administrator Wellington 24-Nov-19
CORR-074 Administration Support Officer - Health - Tongariro Prison Taupo 25-Nov-19
CORR-061 Personal Assistant (PA) to Prison Director - Wellington Regional Prisons Wellington 25-Nov-19
CORR-045 Community Work Supervisor Fielding 26-Nov-19
CORR-N71 Operations Adviser – Wellington and Upper Hutt Locations Wellington 26-Nov-19
CORR-075 Service Manager - Manukau District Auckland 26-Nov-19
CORR-062 Service Manager - Wellington District Wellington 26-Nov-19
CORR-081 Assistant Residence Supervisor Christchurch 27-Nov-19
136708AA General Manager - Human Resources Wellington 27-Nov-19
CORR-070 Senior Community Work - Supervisor Manukau Auckland 27-Nov-19
CORR-092 Probation Officer – Auckland District Auckland 28-Nov-19
CORR-082 Education Tutor - Christchurch Men's Prison Christchurch 01-Dec-19
CORR-065 Probation Officer Wellington 01-Dec-19
CORR-083 Programme Facilitator Wellington 01-Dec-19
CORR-038 Community Work Supervisor Whangarei  04-Dec-19
CORR-079 Building/Carpentry Instructor, Spring Hill Corrections Facility Waikato 05-Dec-19
CORR-057 Psychologist - Auckland Prison Psychologist Office Auckland 06-Dec-19
CORR-056 Psychologist - Palmerston North, Whanganui or New Plymouth Palmerston North 06-Dec-19
CORR-077 Corrections Officer - Spring Hill Waikato 12-Dec-19
CORR-076 Corrections Officer - Waikeria Waikato 12-Dec-19
CORR-086 Psychologist - Hastings Hastings 12-Dec-19
CORR-090 Psychologist - Christchurch Men's Prison Canterbury 12-Dec-19
CORR-087 Psychologists (Clinical/Forensic) - Nationwide Nationwide 12-Dec-19
CORR-060 Registered Nurse – Mount Eden Corrections Facility Auckland 15-Dec-19