Our work

It takes a team to do what we do. Explore our range of options to learn more about different areas of our work.


Working in our custodial team, you will be aiming to positively motivate and support people during a prison sentence, as well as ensure safety.


Working with individuals, community organisations and whānau, our rehabilitation focused roles help people to make positive changes in their lives and address the root causes of offending.


Working in an interdisciplinary team of health practitioners, we offer a range of services, including general health, psychology and mental health.

Education, employment and trades

Our Education, Employment & Trades teams help people in prison to gain skills, experience, and qualifications. Across a range of roles, their work spans from trades training to education and employment support.

Community and reintegration

Our community teams help to manage community-based sentences and orders. Usually this involves working directly with people on sentences or orders, as well as community organisations, and in some cases the wider justice system and whānau.

Supporting services

From programme designers to IT specialists, we have a range of corporate roles available, as well as opportunities to volunteer and intern.