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Our teams deliver a range of rehabilitation programmes for people on both community-based sentences and in prisons.

We also help to connect offenders with external services that can assist with their rehabilitation and work with whānau.


Programme facilitator

Programme Facilitators plan and deliver therapeutic programmes that are aimed at helping offenders to understand and address the factors that led to their offending.

Probation Officer

Probation Officers work with offenders, whanau and social service agencies to support the rehabilitation of people on community-based sentences, and ensure they meet the requirements of their sentence.

Case manager

Case managers work with individuals in prison to understand their needs and connect them with rehabilitation programmes and supports.


Psychologists assess and provide treatment to those in prison or on community-based sentences. They may also help develop rehabilitation programmes, train programme facilitators, and conduct research.

Other roles

Many more roles across the organisation - from Corrections Officers to Advisers - play a key part in rehabilitation, either through their interactions with people under our management, or through their work behind the scenes.

“My job brings me immense satisfaction. Challenges come hand in hand with this role, but the joy of being a part of someone’s successful rehabilitation journey serves as a great motivation for me.”

Mustafa - Probation Officer

Our stories

Hariki Whare creates wairua-enhancing environment

For the first time, the Short Rehabilitation Programme for Men was delivered in the small, remote Eastern Bay of Plenty community of Te Kaha. Delivered at the Hariki Whare, the venue provided a therapeutic and wairua-enhancing environment close to the moana.

A Boy Called Piano Documentary

Men in the Matapuna Special Treatment Unit (STU) had a lot to reflect on when watching the journey of Fa’amoana John Luafutu through state care and prison in a special…

Corrections Officers, Case Managers, Probation Officers - what’s the difference?

One of the questions that we get asked from applicants is around the differences between some of our key roles - in particular, Case Managers, Probation Officers, and Corrections Officers.

Helping People Steer Clear of Re-offending - Hamish, Programme Facilitator

The Auckland-based Programme Facilitator works with people to help them find strategies to address their offending.

Are you a good fit?

You could already be ready for a career with our rehabilitation focused teams. Here are some of the key skills and attributes we look for.


Good communicator and able to relate to diverse groups of people

Positive role model

Positive role model with the ability to motivate and support

Critical thinking

Critical thinker with high resilience


Able to work with others to get the best outcome

Why choose us?

  • Our whānau support
  • A strong start
  • Career progression

Our teams are based on developing supportive and nurturing relationships. Our frontline team work closely with one another to ensure everyone remains safe and well supported to carry out their work. Outside of your direct team, there are health & safety advocates, welfare officers, helplines and external partners so you're never short of awhi, care, and support.

To get you off to a good start you'll join with other new staff from around the country beginning their careers with Corrections. The Ara Tika programme is delivered from Upper Hutt at Corrections’ National Learning Centre and is an opportunity for you to learn core skills, develop a network of peers and be welcomed to the whānau. We'll arrange and pay for travel, accommodation, and meals while you're away from home.

After your initial training, there are opportunities to progress up through the ranks into more senior or specialised roles. Given the scale of our organisation, there's also ample ability to move into service development projects at our regional or national offices to shape our mahi.

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